We help you build immersive learning experiences in virtual worlds.


Students can
Walk in the Streets of Ancient Egypt.

Make learning magical by creating immersive lessons for any subject and any grade.


Crime Scene Investigation Without the Crime.

Accredited Forensic Science Program that prepares aspiring CSI and forensic scientists for on-the-job training.

Higher Education

Skeletal Assembly for Medical Students.

Interactive environments for post-secondary students such as the cadaver lab for skeletal assembly, chemistry labs, and astronomy lessons.


Analyze Competition Like Never Before.

Athletes and coaches can now analyze and study their opponents while placing themselves in actual game scenarios.


Fire Extinguisher Simulation in Virtual Reality.

Learn about the fire safety triangle, types of fire extinguishers, classes of fires and best practices.


Teach Inmates Valuable Skills without Internet.

Train incarcerated individuals in valuable skills within virtual worlds to better prepare them for reintegration into the outside world.

Hair Stylist

Hair Cutting and Styling Classes in a VR.

Beginner barbers and hair stylists can now learn to cut hair with confidence and without angry first clients.


Get Robotics and Drone Operation Training in VR.

Build, program, and fly your very own drone or learn the design of robotic systems and their components.

Forklift Simulation

Operate a Forklift in Virtual Reality.

Drive through a complex warehouse and simply restart if you run into shelving to protect yourself from injury.

Agriculture Tech

Revolutionize the way you learn about agriculture technology.

Learn about farm safety, agritech, livestock, maintenance, and
farm equipment.


Welding and Carpentry Inside Virtual Reality

Learn welding and carpentry along with other important skill trades and how to apply them in a professional setting.

Emergency Response

Learn CPR,
Save Lives.

Learn how to properly use an automated external defibrillator (AED) and correctly administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).


Making Learning Magical